Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tromba Tequila Blanco NOM 1499 (36% Abv.)

To begin with, the Tromba (Big Rain) Tequila brand was created by gentlemen from Australia, Canadian, and Mexico. This 100% Agave Tequila is produced at Distillery Casa Tequilera de Arandas, technically known as NOM 1499. Having already reviewed a tequila from this particular distillery, I will not bore you with too much detail other than the subtle differences between the two marcas. An interesting fact about this particular brand is that one of its founders, Marco Cedano Nunez, was the original master distiller of Don Julio tequila. Just right there this gives Tromba a little more pedigree as I was a huge fan of Don Julio Tequila prior to Diageo started messing around with it (early 2000s).

The ripe blue agave is sourced from the Highlands region near Arandas, Jalisco. *No idea if this is the distillery's estate grown agave or sourced from farmers selling on the open market/guild. Apparently the harvested agave is slowly cooked for a longer duration in the distillery's autoclaves - focussing on taste rather than yield. I'd assume the rest of the production methods for Tromba mirrors the other brand that I've previously reviewed. Although, I'll guess that Mr. Marco Cedano Nunez has a hand in the distillation process of Tromba's small production runs, therefore, I can foresee some subtle differences. The desired fermented extracted agave juice is distilled two times with the distillery's copper pot stills. Prior to bottling, Tromba's blanco tequila is filtered and diluted to 36% Abv. for Canada and Australia markets; and filtered and diluted to 40% Abv. for the US market. The Tromba lineup includes a Reposado and Anejo albeit with the different alcohol percentages for above mentioned markets.

Appearance: Crystal clear/colourless, forming thin slow legs on the sides of my Riedel glass. Aroma: Cooked agave, crisp and earthy, some sweet honeyed smokiness, floral (mint?), citrus (lime?) and pepper. Flavour: Mild earthiness with crisp cooked agave notes, hint of sweet honey and lime?, buttery accompanied with hints of spicy pepper(s). A little light with some numbing sensation on the gums and palate - medium bodied - slightly oily/creamy and some alcohol in the back of the mouth (surprising at 36% Abv.). Finish: Nice medium finish with cooked agave and a lingering pepper and mint aftertaste. My only minor complaint, which is not a big deal, is that it's a tad soft at 72 Proof (36% Abv.). This particular tequila got many compliments at a party where it was sipped neat and mixed into Palomas & Batangas. An enjoyable tequila with a flavour profile that'll definitely keep you guessing. Solid tequila coming out of Casa Tequilera de ArandasRECOMMENDED

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