Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What is the 'Real' Story Behind the History of Patrón Tequila                                         and its Origen?

Apparently back in 1993 St. Maarten Spirits Ltd. purchased the trademark for the Patrón brand-name from Licorera de Jalisco, S.A. for U$D 50,000.00.

A 1996 agreement whereby St. Maarten Spirits Ltd. sourced tequila from Tequila Siete Leguas, S.A de C.V.

Bacardi Limited purchased its 30% interest in Patrón for $476 Million USD

Seagram & Sons would produce Patrón Tequila?

Subsequent trademark dispute between Siete Leguas and Patrón

Court papers give some insight into Patrón Tequila 

An expert from Ian Williams' "Tequila: a Global History"

Let me just say that we have in the past enjoyed Patrón blanco, but the price for a any bottle in their lineup is absurdly overpriced in these parts of Mexico. Assume like any tequila sometimes a less desirable batch happens from time to time. In such a case, we'd rather spend $200 pesos towards an older treasure bottle readily available in these parts. Though we are curious about the smaller batch, 100% tahona Patrón Roca lineup. 

So I am browsing "Tequila: a Global History" last night and there is that recycled story that many writers have used on the history of Patrón tequila. Think the same story is recycled in Ilana Edelstein's "The Patrón Way". But then we came across documents detailing the original sale of the the Patrón marca trademark from Licorera de Jalisco, S.A. to St. Maarten Spirits Ltd. sometime in the 90s for U$D 50,000.00. Which got us thinking, "what is the real story?" Because most of the 'stories', innuendos and rumours just don't seem to add up. How many other distilleries was tequila being sourced from to eventually be bottled as Patrón tequila? Where exactly does Bacardi's investment fit in Patron's chronology? What is up with the bottle design trademark infringement dispute with Casa Noble tequila? Too many questions, not enough time. Of course, we are only curious from a historical viewpoint. In no way is this post an attempt to disparage Patrón tequila. 

Like we stated, this brand has some historical value in the introduction of 'traditional' 100% agave tequila to the people. In fact, their distillery(s) is still on our 'please, we would really like to visit' list In the meantime we may have to revisit a bottle of Patrón blanco, crossing-fingers.

**hopefully more to be added later**

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