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Tequila Siete Leguas Reposado NOM 1120 Lote Year: 2001 Vintage

Siete Leguas Tequila has two different distilleries in the town of Atotonilco (Highlands) - El Centenario, a smaller facility with traditional hornos, open-air fermentation in stainless steel vats (with bagasso), tahona, and small copper pot stills (double-distillation) for the distillation process; and a more modern sophisticated facility that produces the bulk of its tequila, El Vencedera, where large brick ovens, mechanical shredder/roller mill, large stainless steel vats (open-air fermentation without bagasso) and large copper pot sills (double-distillation) are used. Siete Leguas blends its blanco tequila produced at their older factory with the blanco tequila produced at their newer factory to achieve a certain desired flavour profile. Then this batch of tequila is sent to either the bottling facility for their blanco and/or the barrel rooms to later become part of its aged tequila lineup. Supposedly Siete Leguas uses untoasted white oak barrels that previousy housed American Whiskey.     

Siete Leguas rose to prominance as the producer for the "original" Patrón tequila (1989 - 2002), which was sold in the United States by Martin Crowley. This is an entirely different story and I highly suggest googling it for all the details. On its own merit, Siete Leguas is a well known tequila producer within the borders of Mexico.    

I am to assume that this reposado 2001 vintage was aged along the current Siete Leguas reposado line, 8 months in used untoasted white oak American Whiskey barrels. Although this particular bottle is 38% Abv. (76 Proof). Appearance: pale yellow colour and its body coats the side of my Glencairn glass. Aroma: earthy agave, candied toffee & caramel, hint of roasted vanilla marshmallow, citrus peel, ginseng, spiciness (pepper) and burning alcohol. Flavour: the initial taste rears intense full flavour of agave, fruity sweetness and spiciness. Roll the semi-oily juice over your tongue, gums and let it touch the roof of your mouth and be rewarded with a slightly numbing effect. The Candied toffee & caramel work surprisingly well with the toasted oak flavours, earthy agave and ginseng notes. Finish: the finish has a medium hot factor with a long warm fade that rounds out nicely while coating the mouth with bursts of agave, peppery spice, and the toffee & caramel flavours.  

One complaint that I could see coming from the average tequila consumer in regards to Siete Leguas reposado is that even though it is complex some may deem it a bit harsh and rustic. Some aficionados claim that Siete Leguas still has that "old school" taste. Meaning that the tequila hasn`t been smoothed out for a specific demographic. This is an outstanding tequila and if you happen to see a bottle with this older label grab it. Definitely one of my favorite brands out there. **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED** *TREASURE BOTTLE ALERT*

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