Friday, December 5, 2014

Montejima Aged Tequila NOM 1137 (40% Abv.)

Currently Montejima Tequila is being produced at La Cofradia NOM 1137 in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. I won't go into great detail on the process at this distillery since I have already covered this distillery in a past blog post. But I will point out the small differences that sets this brand apart from the others produced at La Cofradia. Founded in 2010, this maquila is a 100% agave tequila. The brand decided to used the term "Aged" instead of Reposado to describe its tequila - perfectly allowable due to recent revisions in the Consejo Regulador del Tequila's Norma. 

The mature blue agave is sourced from somewhere within the lowlands region of Mexico's Jalisco state - no clue if the agave is sourced from La Cofradia's estate fields. The halved agaves are cooked in traditional stone-walled hornos. The cooked agave is put through a wood chipper and extractor-like press device. The mosto is placed in large stainless vats to allow natural open-air fermentation (not sure if Montejima adds yeast(s)). After the fermentation process the juice is double distilled with La Cofradia's Alembic stainless steel pot stills - some brands are triple distilled at this distillery. After distillations the tequila meant for the Blanco is filtered and diluted to the desired alcohol gradation - in this case 40% Abv. (80 Proof). Tequila destined to become an aged product is placed in white oak barrels for two to six months. The length of aging is unclear. As is if the barrels are new or used and what type of char is done inside the barrels. It's unknown at what alcohol gradation the tequila enters the barrels but would guess anywhere between 46 to 50% Abv.. Then prior to bottling the aged tequila would then be filtered and diluted to 40% Abv..

Appearance: Dark blonde - with gold hues. Medium length - slow legs that coat the sides of my Riedel glass. Aroma: fresh baked agave, caramelized sweet honey candy?, citrus (Meyer lemon?), spice and herbs (jalapeno and peppermint?). Flavour: cooked agave, subtle wood, vanilla, caramelized honey (mild sweetness), spice, and hint of citrus. Semi-oily upon entry, mild numbness on the gums and roof, flavours nicely coat the mouth and then a spice (mild jalapeno?) and a dash of peppermint noticed in the back palate. Nothing too overpowering. A nice harmonious balance. Finish: Medium finish with an enjoyable mild sweetness, spice, peppermint and cooked agave that lingers for minutes. A great sipping tequila. RECOMMENDED 

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