Monday, December 14, 2015

A Boring List of Possible Agave Spirits to Purchase over the Upcoming Holidays

It's that time of year again. I realize that over the holidays buying booze is basically a fleeting thought with all the gift shopping and all. But perhaps you'll find yourself standing in the whiskey aisle or god forbid the vodka aisle contemplating what to purchase. Maybe a nicely aged Tequila. Or maybe a Mezcal. Great thing about Agave spirits is they are a versatile ingredient. Make some margaritas over the holidays. Then there is the troubling task of gifting of a bottle to someone. I will give a few suggestions and hopefully stay within a modest budget. I realize that the selection could be thin where ever you are located so I've named off a bunch of different brands in no particular order.

Extra-Añejo Tequila: 
  1. Tapatio Excelencia 
  2. Siete Leguas D'Antaño
  3. Casa Noble Single Barrel 5 Year (for some reason labeled as an Añejo) 
  4. Toro de Lidia (bargain)
  5. Arta (triple barrel aging)
  6. El Viejito
  7. Arette Gran Clase
  8. San Matias Gran Reserva
  9. Pura Sangre 5 Year Old
Añejo Tequila:
  1. Don Pilar
  2. Siete Leguas
  3. Calle 23 (NOM1529)
  4. Orgullo Pueblo Viejo
  5. Semental 
  6. Santoyo Grand Leyenda
  7. Tapatio
  8. Centinela (*older round bottle presentation)
  9. 4 Cañones
  10. Arette (bargain)
  11. Crotalo
  12. Siembra Azul
  13. Herencia de Plata
  14. El Tequileno Especial - 50 Aniversario
  15. Los Tres Toños
  16. Gran Dovejo
  17. Tres Ochos 888
  18. SINO
  19. Reserva de los González
  20. Purasangre 
  21. Mañana
Reposado Tequila:
  1. Fortaleza
  2. Tapatio
  3. Siete Leguas
  4. Don Nacho (bargain *regular line*)
  5. Calle 23 (NOM1529)
  6. Don Fulano
  7. Hacienda Vieja (bargain)
  8. Olmeca Altos (bargain)
  9. Lunazul "Double Barrel"
  10. Casa Noble
  11. Crotalo
  12. Muchote (apparently brand has been resurrected) 
  13. Don Pilar
  14. Centinela (*older round bottle presentation)
  15. Rancho La Joya
  16. Cimarrón (bargain)
  17. Creencias
  18. Arette (bargain)
  19. Los Tres Toños
  20. 29 Two Nine
  21. Gran Dovejo
  22. Cabresto
  23. Herradura Colección de la Casa, Reserva 2014 – Scotch Cask Finish
  24. Reserva de los González
  25. Purasangre
Blanco Tequila:
  1. Tapatio (80 Proof and 110 Proof)
  2. Fortaleza
  3. Siete Leguas
  4. G4
  5. Don Chencho (110 Proof)
  6. Pura Sangre
  7. Astral (86 Proof)
  8. Don Nacho (bargain *regular line*)
  9. Olmeca Altos (bargain)
  10. Cascahuin (bargain) if not available go with Siembra Valles
  11. Arette (bargain)
  12. Cimarrón (bargain)
  13. Los Tres Toños
  14. Kirkland 1.75L (NOM1472)
  15. Gran Dovejo
  16. Centinela (*older round bottle presentation)
  17. Casa Noble
  18. AquaRiva
  19. El Viejito (110 Proof)
  20. Reserva de los González
  21. Calle 23 (NOM1529)
  22. Hacienda Vieja (bargain)
  1. Del Maguey Chichicapa (Espadin)
  2. Mezcaloteca Mexicano (beef jerky)
  3. Rio Revuelto Ensamble
  4. Augurio Tobala
  5. Vago Olla de Barro Tobalá (*grab it if you find a bottle in the wild*)
  6. Alipus San Juan (Espadin)
  7. Don Amado
  8. Bosscal
  1. Don Beto Joven (sold in the USA as La Niña del Mezcal's Bacanora D.O. Sonora)
  2. Los Cantiles Joven


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