Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What Is The Story Behind Terremoto Tequila? Does It Involve, A Co-founder Of Tequila Avión?

About a year ago, a new brand of flavoured liqueur 35% Abv. (70 Proof) made with blue agave tequila was thrust upon the American spirits market. There was a Churro, a Jalapeño Lime, and a Mexican Brew. Then this past July, Terremoto released a 100% Agave Gold 40% Abv. (80 Proof) with a hint of agave nectar and a 100% Agave Silver 40% Abv. (80 Proof) with a hint of Agave nectar. All of these five offerings have a submitted formula meaning that a minimum 2.5% of total volume contains approved additives? The liqueur released last year was originally classified in the 'Other Herb & Seed Cordials/Liqueurs' category. A newer release of the Churro & Jalapeño Lime has been reclassified in the 'Other Specialities & Proprietaries' category. The Gold & Silver are classified in the 'Tequila' category. The strange part is that laws in Mexico clearly state that 100% blue Agave Tequila can only legally contain a maximum 1% total volume of approved additives. Yet this brand had filed formulas in the United States prior to the 100% Agave Gold and Silver release. Possible clerical error?

This particular brand had caught our attention for some time with its promoting "#motoshots" and other gimmicky posts on various social media sites. Didn't take much poking around to discover who was behind this particular brand? Two LLCs linked to Kenneth Austin?* Of Tequila Avión? Now that is interesting. The same individual that claimed: a) to have worked as a high level executive for a winery or perhaps in the glass operation - a subsidiary of the winery - in the early 1980s; b) worked as senior VP at a historical Canadian spirits empire - no way to verify this as the company has been bought and sold so many times doubt there is even any records. One would assume that the majority sale contract of Avión to Pernod Ricard had to have included some sort of non-compete clause. Therefore it makes one wonder what the real story is behind this particular brand. The co-founder of Avión appears to still be promoting Avión all the while this newer brand is somewhere in the background.

It really is a head-scratcher. Pernod Ricard allowing another brand (Terremoto) linked to a current partial minority owner of Avión to compete against it. The labels for Terremoto state "Product of Mexico" and NOM1592 (Envasadora de Productos Lidere). Not familiar with that distillery as it's fairly new. It appears to be in the Municipio de Jesús María. So this distillery is close to Productos Finos de Agave? Are they sourcing diffuser made tequila from NOM1416 and bottling it at NOM1592? The label for the Churro, Jalapeño Lime, and Mexican Brew states that is imported and bottled by an American company. Is it flavoured bulk-mixto tequila exported to the United States and then bottled? What is even stranger is Absolut Spirits Co./Pernod Ricard USA** is acting as Terremoto's United States importer and distributor. So who is going to take one for the team and buy some bottles of this? Does the Terremoto liqueur contain mixto-tequila? The world survived cinnamon flavored whiskey, perhaps it can with the introduction of this product.

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Calle Tres LLC and Aerial Attack LLC of Delaware, USA

** All expressions are imported by Pernod Ricard USA, Pernod Ricard USA Bottling, LLC or Absolut Spirits Co., Pernod Ricard USA, LLC. 

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